Inspiration and Courage: Stories of Women from Yemen
Yemeni Women's Voices Platform

Women from the muhammsheen, or marginalized, communities in Yemen often struggle to access education, healthcare, and employment, as they are excluded from many opportunities and services available to others in society. Here are the stories of five of these women."


At 55 years old, Fatom has two married daughters and a physical disability. When she sought work in Aden, she encountered ageism and discrimination. As a result, she now runs a small booth selling snacks for children to make a living.


Fawzia, 35 years old, faces gender-based discrimination as she searches for work to support herself and her family. Numerous employers have told her they don't hire women, while others have deemed her unfit to work with them because of her gender. 

Despite society's discrimination and criticism, Fawzia always strives to bring joy to her children's hearts. She cooks dinner for her family of eight in her modest kitchen in Taiz, hoping that one day, women will have the same job opportunities as men in Yemeni society.


At 24, Shorooq lives with her three daughters and son. Hindered by an incomplete education due to child marriage at 13, she couldn't find a job but taught herself sewing to provide for her family. 

     Shorooq fell victim to badal marriage, where two families exchange daughters or sisters without dowry. If one couple's marriage fails, the other couple must dissolve their bond too. Sadly, these barter-like marriages often end in divorce, overlooking the psychological and family impact, particularly on children.


Rehab, 30 years old, is a mother of eight children and works as a housekeeper in Hadramout. Due to the difficulty of raising her children, she could not fully dedicate herself to work. Rehab was forced to marry at the age of thirteen by her father's decision, which led her to discontinue her studies. After suffering through her first marriage, she got divorced and married again.


Fayrouz, 25 years old and mother to five daughters and two sons, is the breadwinner for her family. She has faced rejection in many jobs due to discrimination against women in employment, despite her desperate need for work to provide basic necessities for her family. Fayrouz, like many women and marginalized individuals, has encountered numerous challenges. Unable to find a stable job, she decided to work as a street cleaner.

Fatom Ali, Aden. (cc) Mahmoud Fadhel\ Yemeni Women's Voices Platform
Fawzia Mohammed, Taiz. (cc) Al-Bara'a Mansour \ Yemeni Women's Voices Platform
Shorooq Thabet, Aden. (cc) Mahmoud Fadhel \ Yemeni Women's Voices Platform
Rehab Awad, Hadramout. (cc) Nasim Al-Hamid \ Yemeni Women's Voices Platform
Fayrouz Ahmed, Ibb. (cc) Essam Al-Kamali \ Yemeni Women's Voices Platform

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